Early Onset Dementia Planning in Kansas City and Leawood

Though checking brain health is not a priority for many physicians, we at Kansas City Home Care would like to argue that it should be. Up to 640,000 Americans were recognized as having early-onset dementia in 2018. Those statistics do not capture the real numbers of people who have early-onset dementia, since many living with the disease go undiagnosed. Most people who are diagnosed with early-onset dementia are still working and functioning in the world.

Early onset dementia refers to people under the age of 65, who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Baby boomers will see higher numbers of those diagnosed with dementia, simply because they are the largest group of humans to age on this planet, ever.

How Do I Know If I Have Early Onset Dementia?

Memory loss is common as we age. But when is memory loss moving into dementia territory? Forgetting where the keys are is one thing. Forgetting what the keys are used for is another. Other symptoms of early onset dementia include:

  • Difficulty remembering short term events, such as what one had for breakfast
  • Difficulty finding words, or having trouble with speech
  • Emotional apathy or flatness
  • Depression or sudden changes in behavior
  • Difficulty following a story line
  • Failing sense of direction

See a doctor if you notice a significant decline in these aspects of functioning in yourself or a loved one. Doctors and neurologists can do cognitive tests, brain imaging scans and can diagnose medications and types of therapies to help slow the progression of dementia.

Planning for Care

 At Kansas City Home Care, we can help put a plan of care into place, should the need for help at home become evident. We can help prepare for the future, so that peace of mind can replace worry. Contact us today. We are here for you.