Technology Tips for Dementia Care

As dementia progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for loved ones to remember everyday responsibilities such as turning off appliances, or taking medication on time. Telling time can be a challenge, as can using electronics like cell phones and television remotes. Some people with dementia even begin to wander or get lost if they’re not monitored.

No wonder family members worry about their loved ones who have been diagnosed with dementia.

Many of our skilled caregivers at Kansas City Home Care have had positive experiences using helpful technologies to keep their clients going with the flow.

Here are our top 7 technologies to help people with dementia

  • Medication management is an issue for people who have memory loss. Now there are medication boxes that have alarms to alert the loved one when it is time to take his or her pills. If your loved one uses a smart phone, there are apps that help remind a loved one when to take a specific pill. However, these apps can be complicated if there are multiple prescriptions to juggle. A calendar reminder alert can be just as effective.
  • Video call technology makes staying in touch a breeze. People with memory loss do better when they can put a face together with a name and a voice. Kansas City Home Care caregivers can help facilitate a daily video call with family members to help keep loved ones in touch.
  • Calendar and day clocks can help loved ones with dementia orient to the day of the week and the time of year. These clocks tell the day of the week in large, easy to read letters, along with the date and time. Orientation is a challenge for many people who have dementia. Place these in the bathroom or by the bedside for easy access.
  • Door alarms and voice or movement activation devices help keep track of loved ones who have dementia. If your loved one is not receiving round-the-clock care, getting a signal from a device can provide peace of mind. 
  • GPS locators, such as watches with internal GPS signals can help keep track of loved ones who have a tendency to wander.
  • TV Remotes specially designed for seniors with memory issues make tuning into a favorite show easier than juggling multiple remotes with tiny buttons.
  • Power strips with appliance monitor technology can help family members stay aware of appliance use from afar.

But when the risks of managing a loved one’s independence outweigh the benefits of that person being alone, it’s time to get help. Our skilled caregivers at Kansas City Home Care are available to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. We can tailor a care plan to help keep your loved one safe.