Activities for Seniors in Kansas City

Nothing improves the quality of life for seniors than being active. Staying active helps older adults avoid or delay health issues associated with aging. Seniors may require help from relatives or professional caregivers to perform some activities. For instance, an older adult needs help from a trainer to engage in yoga. The best activities for seniors include gardening, walking, book clubs, golfing, and yoga. Read on to know more about activities for seniors in Kansas City.

Top 5 Activities for Seniors


You or your loved one can play golf to stay active. Individuals can enjoy golfing at any age. The difference between a young and a senior golfer is the ball’s distance from the cup. But the sweetness of the game remains the same for the golfer regardless of age. Golfing will improve your cognitive processing since you need to pay attention and remember rules. An increased cognitive ability means you or your loved one will avoid mental health issues such as dementia. Look for a golfing club for seniors in Kansas City for you or your loved one to enjoy golfing.

senior couple golfing kansas city

Book Clubs

Joining a book club is an excellent way for an older adult to stay active. The book clubs in Kansas City allow you and your loved one to read books and discuss them with others. Members of the club meet to discuss the ideas in various books. Therefore, you or your loved one has a chance to interact with other book lovers. It allows the senior to create new friends and eliminate boredom.


Unlike most activities for seniors, walking does not require the use of money. You or your loved one can walk on the streets of Kansas City to remain active. Since walking alone can be dangerous, you can engage a professional caregiver to accompany you during the walk.

Walking helps prevent the clogging of heart arteries, allowing sufficient blood flow to the heart. Hence, walking exercises can assist you, or your loved one reduce the risk of a heart attack. Ensure you or your loved one has a schedule for walking every day to enjoy health benefits.


If you enjoy beautiful flowers or eating organic food, gardening may be a perfect option. You or your loved one can use the space at home to start a garden. Gardening helps you stay active since you spend most of your time planting, weeding, or maintaining plants.

Gardening reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation in older adults. You or your loved one will forget life stressors in life while gardening. For instance, you or your loved ones could forget cancer threatening their life for a moment. Therefore, you or your loved one will avoid the risks of depression through gardening.


Older adults searching for a safe and healthy activity can consider yoga. Yoga is perfect for individuals with arthritis, osteoporosis, and limited mobility. Studies suggest that yoga helps with weight loss. Weight reduction assists seniors in avoiding health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.

However, yoga is intensive, meaning it can injure seniors. The correct way of doing yoga is to work with an instructor. Professional yoga instructors in Kansas City know the safest yoga poses for seniors. Furthermore, an instructor will give you or your loved one first aid if injuries occur. Take your time to determine the best yoga trainers in your neighborhood.

Contact the Experts for Help

Golfing, yoga, gardening, book clubs, and walking can help you, or your loved one remain active. You or your relative may have safety risks when performing some activities. Working with expert caregivers and instructors is an excellent approach to ensuring you or your loved one are safe. Contact KC Home Care for help with your elderly relative needing help with various activities to remain active.