Nursing Home and Assisted Living Companion Service

At Kansas City Home Care, Inc., we know it can be difficult when a loved one needs to stay indefinitely in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Being at the bedside 24/7 is draining and sometimes impossible due to job constraints. You may be torn between the needs of your loved one and your family at home. Kansas City Home Care can provide a qualified and compassionate caregiver to stay in your place, in a variety of settings. Our companion care is available for as long as you need it, up to 24 hours a day.

Kansas City Home Care Companion Service includes:

• Assisting with meals and feeding
• Providing companionship
• Seeking help or information from the hospital/facility nurse when needed
• Supervising patient (i.e. ensuring patient stays in bed or wheelchair, etc.)
• Entertaining (crafts, games, reading, etc.)

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