Tips for Visiting a Kansas City Elder Care Doctor

Stephen flew into town to take his mother to the neurologist. She’d been noticing more tremors lately, and the family wanted to rule out Parkinson’s or other neurological disorders. Stephen had taken a couple of days off of work, flown into Kansas City, and had driven his mom to her doctor in Overland Park.

After they’d completed the paperwork together, and his mom’s name was called, the nurse told Stephen that he would have to wait in the waiting room for the duration of the appointment. He explained that he had flown in from out of town to accompany his mom to this appointment. The nurse shook her head apologetically and said to him, “I’m so sorry, if you don’t have Power of Attorney paperwork, we can’t have you sitting in on this appointment.”

Stephen had assumed that his mother’s verbal authorization would allow for him to be present during the medical exam, but many doctors want to see a legal document that specifically states that a child or family member may be privy to confidential notes or diagnoses.

In another scenario, Marina accompanied her husband to the doctor, but couldn’t quite track what the doctor had said. Luckily, the doctor printed out notes and follow up suggestions.

To make a visit to the doctor successful, bring these things:

  • Signed Power of Attorney paperwork, if it’s needed
  • All insurance information and proper I.D.
  • A notepad for notes about the appointment
  • A list of any questions or concerns you might have about your loved one
  • An easy-going demeanor, which can put a nervous patient at ease

For more planning tools, call us at Kansas City Home Care. Our care managers can create a plan of care that allows the whole family to get on the same page  when our professional caregivers are engaged to provide the highest quality care for your family.

*Identities have been changed