Anti-Aging in Kansas City—Which Products to Look Out For

The market for anti-aging products can be mind boggling in its scope. Marketers have clearly identified a generation of seniors who want to age gracefully. But some products are definitely more hype than help, and for elderly consumers, some guidance might be needed. Kansas City Home Care is a leader in in-home care for the Kansas City metro area. Here is our take on the anti-aging consumer craze:

  • Only buy what you need. Nothing is so important, or so effective, that your budget needs to be blown on the latest supplements or creams. Some people prefer to invest in high-quality products that boast healthy ingredients. Others love their tried-and-true brands. Either way, beware of anti-aging fads with big promises.
  • Take nutrition seriously. Nutrients that have anti-aging effects are only helpful when they are digestible. Many supplements simply pass through the body without being integrated into the digestive system. Having a visit with a registered dietician who specializes in senior health is a good step towards creating a healthy diet. Anti-aging gurus generally advise clients to eat lots of healthy, whole foods, avoid processed foods, and drink lots of filtered water.
  • Plenty of fresh air and exercise. Our elders have been telling us to play outside for years. Now it’s their turn. Tai Chi classes in the park, a daily stroll around the neighborhood, even gentle yoga in a sunlit room, all count. Participating in a senior exercise group can reduce isolation and depression, while making exercise something to look forward to. Our skilled caregivers can help seniors get to classes, or support an establish routine.
  • Meditate. Simply quieting the mind for a half an hour a day can reduce stress and improve the brain’s elasticity. The idea is not to turn off the mind, but to quiet the mind, follow breathing, and settle into the body. It can be done anywhere there are no disruptions, and the effects have been proven to reduce stress hormones and increase brain function. An anti-aging win!

Family caregivers of elderly people need to care for themselves as well. Our trained and vetted caregivers at Kansas City Home Care can help your loved one age at home in a healthy environment. Contact us today.