Driving Test Simulations for Seniors in Overland Park

Driving is a hot topic for families that have senior adults who want to continue driving even after signs point to stopping. Driving is more than a means of transportation for many seniors: it’s often a way of staying connected and keeping interests alive. Getting to the store, to doctor’s appointments, going to the salon or the gym, seeing family and friends are engagements that are crucial to seniors who can otherwise become isolated or depressed.

Flags might get raised when family members notice little accidents, increased anxiety about driving, and forgetfulness. But taking the keys away—and taking a person’s ability to stay involved with his or her community—is a big step.

When the time comes to talk with a senior about driving in Kansas City, Leawood, Mission Hills and Overland Park, keep in mind that driving simulation tests are a tool that can provide an answer to the question of whether someone should be behind the wheel of a car or not.

There are two ways to assess driving competency. One is the less-expensive driving skills evaluation, conducted by a state-licensed evaluator, which can determine that the driver has the adequate skills to continue driving; and if the driver doesn’t pass, a clinical driving assessment may be recommended. This test looks into the causes of decline and can comprehensively determine whether the driver should be on the road or not. A neurologist can also recommend this test.

Our caregivers at Kansas City Home Care can help maintain a high quality of life, whether your loved one is driving or not. Contact us today for more information.