How to Keep Someone with Dementia Flourishing

Dementia is a progressive disease, for which there is no cure. Loved ones who are tasked with caring for people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body or other kind of dementia may experience stress-related illnesses and burn out, which is why the professional caregivers at Kansas City Home Care are here to help. We can arrange for part-time in-home memory care, or full-time, round the clock professional dementia care. Contact us to set up a professional assessment and find out more.

When you do spend time caring for a loved one with memory loss, here are some tips to keep them vibrant and well.

  • Make creative use of your time by engaging in hands-on crafts and activities. From flower arranging to pressing out cookies with cookie-cutters, the more you can engage the sensorial side of a loved one with dementia, the more the neurons will light up pathways otherwise left dormant.
  • Reduce stress, release endorphins and increase dopamine and serotonin by meditating. Meditation can be a personal tool for relaxation, but can also be done side-by-side with a loved one who has dementia. Sit quietly in a comfortable position with soft music playing. If they ask, “What are we doing?” You can reply, “We’re breathing and taking time to relax our minds and bodies.” Short, guided meditations are available on YouTube or on audiobooks from the library.
  • Bring over a service animal or another friendly pet. Interaction with pets reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and allows people with dementia to interact wordlessly. A pet’s love can help reduce side-effects that come with dementia, including anxiety, depression, irritability and loneliness.

For more ideas about keeping a loved one with dementia in bloom, contact our professional memory caregivers at Kansas City Home Care.