What Are the Costs of In-Home Memory Care in Kansas City and Overland Park?

Though some families in Kansas City and Overland Park may write off the possibility of in-home dedicated memory care for a loved one with dementia,

we at Kansas City Home Care are here to tell you, affording dedicated in-home memory care is possible.

Financial viability is the topic of a care video hosted by Tim Tholen, Founder and CEO of Kansas City Home Care and its affiliates in Johnson County and Kansas City. In this video, Mr. Tholen considers the financial tipping point, which is the situation that arises when the need for care outweighs the ability to care.

When it comes down to nuts and bolts, Tholen says, devoted in-home memory care provided by Kansas City Home Care costs an average of $20 per hour, whereas a devoted memory care facility averages about $6,000 to $7,000 a month. For about same cost of a month of facility care, a family can get 80 hours a week of care in the comfort of the home.

Kansas City Home Care Can Provide Tailored Service to Suit a Client’s Needs

How can care be tailored for our family? Family members of loved ones with dementia may spend the day providing care, for example. Then, our skilled professionals can come in the evening to help with sundowning, or a memory patient who is a restless sleeper. The opposite can be true as well. Our skilled professional can help during the day, and the family can provide the care at night. This allows families to extend family resources by scheduling care around the availability of the family.

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