Where to Get Prescription Drugs for $4 in Kansas City

If you’re a Kansas City senior who’s living on a fixed income (or the caregiver of one), the high cost of prescription drugs may be a burden for you, especially if you have multiple ongoing prescriptions. You may even be one of the millions of seniors who’s gone without filling your prescriptions because you just couldn’t afford them.

What if I told you you might be able to get some of those expensive prescription drugs for as little as $4? Well, you can. Here’s how.

Some major Kansas City retailers and grocery stores offer common generic drugs for $4 for a 30-day supply (10 for a 90-day supply). And generic drugs have the same ingredients in them as name-brand drugs; they just cost less because the drug companies haven’t spent a lot of money on television or radio commercials or other methods of marketing.

Here’s where you can see what drugs are available for $4 in Kansas City and where you can get them. Once you find the drug you’re looking for, take your prescription to your Kansas City pharmacy of choice and ask for the $4 deal. Even if you have insurance, you can ask the pharmacy not to run the drug through your insurance company and to give you the $4 deal instead.

Hy-Vee: Kansas City Hy-Vee pharmacies offer hundreds of common prescription drugs for just $4 ($10 for a 90-day supply). You can view the complete list online, or you can search by type of drug (e.g., allergy & asthma, cholesterol, diabetes, heart health).

Price Chopper: Kansas City Price Chopper pharmacies also claim to offer hundreds of generic drugs for $4 (and $4 Best Choice over-the-counter drugs). But their list isn’t published online, so you’ll have to request a copy from your local Price Chopper pharmacy. As an added bonus, you’ll also earn Chopper Shopper Rewards for pharmacy purchases, which you can use toward groceries and gas.

Sam’s Club: You don’t have to be a Sam’s Club member to shop at the store’s pharmacy, but some discounts may be bigger for those who are. At Kansas City area Sam’s Club pharmacies, Sam’s Plus members can actually get five generic prescriptions for free. Sam’s Club also sells more than 200 drugs for $4 (30-day supply), and more than 400 others for $10 (also for a 30-day supply). The discount medication lists are all available online. Sam’s Club also claims it can save you 10-30% on select name-brand prescriptions every day.

Tip: Price comparing is a good idea in any case. You’d be surprised how much different prices can be between pharmacies, even if you’re using insurance.

Target: The Kansas City Target store pharmacies also offer hundreds of generic drugs for $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90-day supply. The Target discount medication list is sorted by disease state, and available online.

Walmart: You can get hundreds of common generic drugs at Kansas City area Walmart pharmacies for $4 ($10 for a 90-day supply). As with Hy-Vee, the Walmart discount list is posted online or searchable by type of drug. Walmart also claims it can save you money on name-brand drugs, so again, be sure to compare prices.