Medication Management in Overland Park, KS

Medication Management in Overland Park, KS

Looming large among issues facing seniors with memory loss is medication management. The opioid epidemic has affected the elderly community in a serious way. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has reported that between 2010 and 2015, elderly emergency room visits relating to opioid over-use have jumped 74%.

Kansas City Home Care has solutions for families in Overland Park, Johnson County and Kansas City whose loved ones are struggling to take the right amount of medications at the right time.

Care When You Need It

Edward (whose name has been changed) is an example of an active 78-year-old diagnosed with memory loss related to Parkinson’s Disease. Edward enjoys playing golf with his wife, eating fine food, swimming with his grandkids, traveling, and he’s an avid reader. But his wife noticed that he was losing weight rapidly and was beginning to lose his “edge;” he would stare into space instead of engaging in conversation. His memory lapses were suddenly more noticeable, and he got irritated when she looked into his medicine cabinet.

His primary physician became aware that Edward had become addicted to the opioids that a pain doctor had prescribed for hip and knee pain. Edward admitted that he would forget when he’d taken his pain medicine, and would take more than he needed to. Because his wife felt as though she couldn’t tell her strong-willed husband what to do, Edward’s adult children became involved, called Kansas City Home Care, and got help. Skilled nursing was the solution to their problem at home—a trained professional who helped to manage prescriptions and provide the correct dosages of his medication made getting Edward back on track a possibility.

Thanks in part to Kansas City Home Care, Edward’s medication is being managed, he is engaging with his grandchildren again, and is able to enjoy a quality of life his wife thought had passed them by.