Keeping Seniors Safe at Home in Kansas City


Here are some important tips for keeping our seniors safe at home.  If you need help for an aging loved one in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, visit us at

10 Easy Ways to Prevent Falls at Home

Safe home tips for seniors to prevent falls and accidents

By Gina Roberts-Grey

According to a new report released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, about one in six Americans age 65 and older will suffer a fall in the next three months, with about a third of those people sustaining serious injuries, such as a broken hip. The critical takeaway point is that most of these falls are preventable.

About half of the tumbles that seniors experience occur in their homes. It only takes a few simple modifications and improvements to your home, however, to eliminate many of the common hazards that can cause such disabling, even fatal, falls. Armed with the pointers below, you (or a caregiver or family member), along with someone who’s handy with a few power tools, can accomplish these safety modifications over the course of a weekend. These adjustments can make your home safer for not only an older person, but also for everyone who steps inside, especially grandchildren who often fail to watch where they’re going!

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