Kansas City Home Care Offers Short Term Recovery Services

Have you or a family member broken a limb or had a cosmetic procedure or a minor surgery that will affect you in the short term? Kansas City Home Care can help. We are now offering Short Term Recovery Services to help clients after a procedures and short term setbacks.

At some point, all of us will likely encounter a short-term challenge as it relates to our health. Cold inclement weather with snow and ice can cause slipping accidents. Even rain showers can create problems as we may run to get into a building and unexpectedly slip and fall. Furthermore, as we age, our fall risk increases. In fact, statistics show that one in three adults age 65 and older fall at least once in a year’s time.

You never know when something unexpected might happen and you will need help. Kansas City Home Care can respond quickly to your short term recovery needs and arrange to have a caregiver assist you before and after your procedure. Our staff is fully bonded and insured and we are one of the longest standing home care companies operating in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area, having been in business since 1989. Our friendly Administrative Team members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

An elective cosmetic procedure can also necessitate additional care and help. Caregiving staff is available to assist after minor procedures by meeting and escorting you or a loved to your home; staying while you are recovering from anesthesia; picking up prescriptions and other supplies; and preparing a meal for you or a loved one.

We are ready to help. Please call 913-344-0101 if you or a loved one are going to need assistance after a procedure. We will work with you to customize a care plan and provide the highest level of care for your needs.