Benefits of In-Home Care in Leawood, KS

Aging at Home Is an Alternative to Nursing Homes

Home. It’s where we have some of the best memories of our lives. Birds come to the feeder outside the window in spring time. School photos hang in the stairwell. The maple in the front yard turns bright red in fall. It can be a place to stay for the long term. In fact, seniors requiring extra support or memory care, who remain in their homes, can live healthier, more independent lives.

Whereas a physical move for an elderly person, particularly one with memory care needs, can be disorienting and deeply upsetting, home is filled with years of memories. Everything is familiar—the bathrooms, the kitchen, the doorways, the photographs. Neighbors and loved ones are nearby. The smells and sounds that have been familiar for years will not change.

For families in Kansas City and Johnson County with aging loved ones, in-home care is a desirable option. It is possible to remain at home and receive one-one one care that nursing homes can’t provide. A home health-care aid can help with chores, mobility, cooking, cleaning, transport, medication and social interaction.

Aging at home has been shown to have health benefits. Studies show that seniors who remain in their homes and who receive care, such as the skilled care provided by Kansas City Homecare have improved cognition, lowered rates of depression, and fewer issues with incontinence.

The peace of mind is contagious. Families of aging loved ones can be confident that their elderly loved ones are being cared for with all of the amenities and comforts of home. After all, home is where the heart is.