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Kansas City Home Care Topics

Are Caregivers Responsible for Their Parents Debt in Kansas City

I was recently asked “Am I responsible for my parent's debt? What if as a caregiver, I recently discovered that my father has several thousand of dollars of debt.
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How to Talk to the Elderly in Kansas City

Adult children and their parents often have trouble talking effectively. Small disagreements can be irksome and frustrating; if they simmer and grow, they can poison your last precious months and years together. What causes these misunderstandings?
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Don't Make Wintertime Danger Time for Seniors in Kansas City

Winter storms bring new health hazards for seniors. Cold-related injuries, from frostbite to falls, are particularly common among older people who are more susceptible to the effects of winter weather than younger people.
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Caregivers and Multi-tasking in Kansas City

If one can believe the old Westerns, frontier women multitasked by rocking a cradle with their foot to quiet a squalling baby, while pounding out bread dough with her fists, bossing a full crew young kids and maybe dodging a few bullets.
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Keeping Seniors Active and Healthy in Kansas City

The new year often means resolutions like being healthier or exercising more often. What many people don't know is that our joints are the critical part of the body that allows us to be active and do the activities we most enjoy.
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Visiting Your Aging Parents at the Holidays in Kansas City

As the holidays approach, many long distance caregivers are now planning visits to their aging loved ones – perhaps the first opportunity in several months to personally observe older relatives.
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Cost of Elderly Health Care in Kansas City

On average, the cost of elderly health care is $5,531 annually. Family members not only provide hands-on care but often dig into their own pockets to pay other expenses which include groceries, drugs and medicines, medical equipments such as wheelchairs, toilet seat risers and transportation.
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Safe Holiday Tips for Kansas City Seniors

(ARA) - Even if you're not driving through a blizzard, the effects of winter weather pose a mobility challenge for everyone, whether it's the possibility of slipping on the sidewalk or delayed flights due to icy runways.
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Holiday Stress for Caregivers in Kansas City

The holidays can cause large amounts of stress for people caring for elderly parents. In addition to caregiving duties, they now add shopping, holiday parties and family gatherings to a never-ending to-do list.
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Taking Care of Diabetes in Kansas City

(ARA) - Americans are taking a closer look at their own personal health and assessing changes they can make, as the topic of health care remains front and center. More and more, people are paying attention to the cost of prevention and care for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, as they have a high risk for health complications.
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