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Respite Care

An Alternative to Nursing Homes

An Alternative to Nursing Homes Nursing homes can be a saving grace, or they can be the cause of worry and concern. Neglect, accidental death, mismanagement, substandard care—these issues reflect the worst of what nursing homes have to offer. An entire segment of the legal profession is focused on prosecuting wrongful deaths in nursing homes. In short, many families would feel more comfortable keeping their loved one at home. If only it were possible… Safe and Comfortable at Home Alternatives to nursing homes are available to families in Leawood, Overland Park and Kansas City. When considering the true costs of care, many families are surprised to find that it’s financially viable to keep their loved one in his or her home, even as the care […]
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Help Is Here: Home Care for Memory Loss

Help Is Here: Home Care for Memory Loss While there is no recipe for knowing exactly when the time is right to add in-home care to help a loved one, some indicators can serve as strong signals. Memory loss caused by dementia and Alzheimer’s can have an unpredictable progression. Planning for eventualities will insure that putting elder care into place is more fluid.  When the Burden of Care Becomes Too Great Nobody said it would be easy to care for a loved one with dementia. In fact, it’s often said among families who have a senior at home with memory loss that it’s hard– and it just gets harder as the disease progresses. Caregivers experience more stress than other family members, and may be struggling […]
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Talking to Your Loved One About End-of-Life Care

The thought of a loved one dying can be painful, so it might seem easier not to talk about it. But if you don’t ask about end-of-life wishes, how will you know what your elderly mother in Independence or your ailing brother in Overland Park wants if a time comes when they can’t answer for themselves? Or how will your children (or other caregiver) know what your wishes are when you near the end of your life (especially if they no longer live in Kansas City)? Although potentially uncomfortable, discussions about end-of-life care are important. Here are some tips that might help: If you are a caregiver: Choose a quiet setting where you wont be interrupted. Ask, first, if your loved one would like to talk about […]
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Kansas City Home Care Offers Short Term Recovery Services

Have you or a family member broken a limb or had a cosmetic procedure or a minor surgery that will affect you in the short term? Kansas City Home Care can help. We are now offering Short Term Recovery Services to help clients after a procedures and short term setbacks. At some point, all of us will likely encounter a short-term challenge as it relates to our health. Cold inclement weather with snow and ice can cause slipping accidents. Even rain showers can create problems as we may run to get into a building and unexpectedly slip and fall. Furthermore, as we age, our fall risk increases. In fact, statistics show that one in three adults age 65 and older fall at least once in […]
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Kansas City Home Care, Inc. Promotes New Short Term Recovery Service!

Kansas City Home Care is pleased to offer a new service to our clients and the community. In addition to our traditional in-home care for seniors and disabled adults, we have started a Short Term Recovery Service to help clients as they recover from outpatient and other procedures. KCHC will work with you, or your loved one, to meet after a procedure and provide transport home. We will stay with you while you recover from anesthesia and pick up any prescriptions or other supplies you may need. KCHC helps provide peace of mind ensuring that you will be taken care of in the event that your loved one can’t assist or if they live far away. We will be with you to ensure that all […]
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