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Helping your elderly loved-ones make difficult life transitions

Leawood, Kansas –  Watching your parents go from family leaders to those who need your help isn’t easy. Yet you need to realize how fortunate you are to have the privilege to do so. Life expectancy is on the rise in the U.S., so we need to prepare for what that means for our parents. The following tips should make things easier when it comes time for your parent or parents to make these difficult life transitions: 1. Handing over the car keys. While the elderly often know deep in their hearts when they aren’t up to the task of driving safely, they often resist admitting it. Take them (and yourself) out of the equation and get a doctor’s evaluation. If it turns out to […]
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Survival Tips for the “Sandwich Generation”

Overland Park, Kansas – Everyday in the U.S., people call in sick to work – not to care for themselves or their children, but to care for their aging parents. Baby Boomers are suddenly finding themselves with three jobs: employee, parent, and caregiver. People caring for both their growing children and their elderly parents are members of a demographic phenomenon called “The Sandwich Generation”, and it’s becoming a hot topic as Boomers approach their retirement years. Just how many of us are experiencing this situation within the nation’s workforce? Research shows that nearly 25% of U.S. households are now involved in caring for a senior family member, spending an average of 20 hours a week in caregiving services. Nearly 65% of those individuals providing the caregiving are […]
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Caregiver Stress: Causes, Warning Signs and How to Get Your Life Back

Leawood, KS – Caring for an aging loved can be difficult for the caregiver. Both emotional and physical strain can add up, causing a decline in overall health. This is especially true when caring for those that suffer from long term or permanent conditions. Avoid burnout by understanding the causes and recognizing the warning signs of caregiver stress. Causes The demands on a caregiver’s time can be constant. This makes it difficult to achieve any sort of balance between work and home-life. Bathing, feeding, dressing, cooking, and administering medications leave little opportunity to focus on having a life outside of the care giving relationship. Physical burdens create additional stress. Lifting, running errands, and shopping require energy that takes up valuable time and can leave one […]
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Are you the boss of your caregiver? Ask questions upfront about these financial pitfalls.

Leawood, KS – With the growing demand from baby boomers seeking help for aging parents, the in-home care industry has responded with a range of provider options, from geriatric care managers to homecare agencies. Contractual provisions and employment policies vary just as much. So if you are considering hiring help for your loved one, be sure to ask questions up front about your tax liability and insurance coverage. Some families decide to hire a private caregiver instead of hiring an outside party, such as a home care agency. But that doesn’t always mean they avoid the financial and legal tax ramifications of being an employer.  Many nurse registries and employment agencies don’t actually employ or supervise workers; they simply find them and place them in […]
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Families at War: Why Am I The Only One Helping My Aging Parent?

Imagine this. Your aging parent took a fall. You get the long distance phone call. Mom is in the hospital. Suddenly, you and your siblings have to talk together, as Mom will need help when she returns home after rehabilitation. Who will watch over her care at home? Who will decide how to pay for her care? Who’s in charge, anyway? These scenarios are all too common and growing more so. Whether our aging parent has planned ahead or not, the adult children have a new responsibility thrust on us. Sometimes, siblings are scattered across the country. Sometimes, even if they live in the same area, they don’t get along. It’s an uncomfortable feeling trying to make decisions with siblings we don’t trust, and maybe […]
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Caring About A Caregiver in Kansas City

We need to take care of our loved ones as they age however we also need to take care of ourselves, the caregivers.  I found this article on ezinearticles.com that gives some good suggestions on how to take care of the caregiver.  To read the full article see below. By Byron Pulsifer So many emotions and so many thoughts of being helpless come to our mind. If you know of someone who is dying, or who is seriously ill, our hearts always seem to rest squarely on that person. For those who are concerned about this seriously ill or dying person, we usually want to help, but can’t. We are not miracle workers; we are not able to heal them no matter what we may think […]
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Female Caregivers Face a Heavier Toll in Kansas City

Here is an interesting article that I found and wanted to pass on to you.  For more assistance with an aging loved one in your life visit our website at www.kchomecare.com.  More prone to depression than men when watching over ailing, elderly parents, review finds   A new Canadian review finds that adult daughters suffer more than adult sons from poor relationships with ailing and aging parents who need their care.   "Adult daughters place greater emphasis on their relationships with their parents, and when those relationships go awry, it takes a worse toll on the adult daughters than the adult sons," said review author Marina Bastawrous, a graduate student at the University of Toronto.   An estimated 44 million adults in the United States […]
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Having Family Meetings to Resolve Eldercare Issues in Kansas City

A crisis can bring a family closer together and illustrate strength and love; or it can drive a wedge of resentment between members. Whenever a loved one’s heath, safety or wellbeing becomes a concern, it is important to be proactive and address your loved one’s issues.
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When Your Loved One Resists Care in Kansas City

“How many times has your mother refused to change her clothes? Has your father resisted getting out of bed? Has your wife pushed you away when you tried to brush her teeth?
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Six Tips to Prepare For Your Aging Parents Care in Kansas City

Although there is some debate over the exact age range of the Baby Boom generation, the US Census Bureau identifies most Boomers as those who were born between the years 1956 to 1965.
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