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Signs of Caregiver Burnout

Lucia and David* like to have dinner on Thursday nights at their country club in Johnson County, as they have done for years. But David’s dementia has progressed to the point that Lucia isn’t sure if he’ll remember the names of acquaintances who stop by to say hello. She has to be vigilant in order to keep him from repeating himself to the waiter, she orders his food, makes sure he keeps his placemat and clothes clean, and helps him find the restroom. Naturally, she drives to and from the club, and helps him get ready for bed after their evening out. She organizes his medications; she picks up his clothes and is often up with him at night when he has bouts of anxiety, […]
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Tips for Preventing Elder Abuse

Like children, elderly people are vulnerable to an array of abuses, and need to be protected from predatory behavior. In the United States, half a million cases of abuse are reported every year, and many more go unreported. The signs of elder abuse and neglect can range from the subtle to the obvious. Here are some signals that your loved one may be suffering at the hands of an abuser. Physical fitness. In this case, we are talking about the consistent hygiene, care of the person, wellness and maintenance of health. Any sudden changes in weight, cognition, sleeping or eating patterns or outward appearance could be signs that an elderly loved one is not getting the care that he or she needs from a caregiver. […]
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What Are the Costs of In-Home Memory Care in Kansas City and Overland Park?

Though some families in Kansas City and Overland Park may write off the possibility of in-home dedicated memory care for a loved one with dementia, we at Kansas City Home Care are here to tell you, affording dedicated in-home memory care is possible. Financial viability is the topic of a care video hosted by Tim Tholen, Founder and CEO of Kansas City Home Care and its affiliates in Johnson County and Kansas City. In this video, Mr. Tholen considers the financial tipping point, which is the situation that arises when the need for care outweighs the ability to care. When it comes down to nuts and bolts, Tholen says, devoted in-home memory care provided by Kansas City Home Care costs an average of $20 per […]
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How to Find an In-Home Nurse in Kansas City

How to Find an In-Home Nurse in Kansas City Kansas City is known for its thriving community and its friendly citizens. We Kansas Citians are proud to call KC home, and we do what we can to take care of our own. We are the Heart of America. When it comes time to take care of our parents, especially those who have memory care issues, many Kansas Citians are looking to find quality in-home care givers who can keep Mom or Dad in the family home as long as possible. Kansas City Home Care is here to help. Our skilled professionals are here to help with care at home. Here’s how it works. Contact us to set up an interview with our experienced case managers. […]
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Early Onset Dementia Planning in Kansas City and Leawood

Though checking brain health is not a priority for many physicians, we at Kansas City Home Care would like to argue that it should be. Up to 640,000 Americans were recognized as having early-onset dementia in 2018. Those statistics do not capture the real numbers of people who have early-onset dementia, since many living with the disease go undiagnosed. Most people who are diagnosed with early-onset dementia are still working and functioning in the world. Early onset dementia refers to people under the age of 65, who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Baby boomers will see higher numbers of those diagnosed with dementia, simply because they are the largest group of humans to age on this planet, ever. How Do I […]
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Technology Tips for Dementia Care

Top Technology Tips for Dementia Care As dementia progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for loved ones to remember everyday responsibilities such as turning off appliances, or taking medication on time. Telling time can be a challenge, as can using electronics like cell phones and television remotes. Some people with dementia even begin to wander or get lost if they’re not monitored. No wonder family members worry about their loved ones who have been diagnosed with dementia. Many of our skilled caregivers at Kansas City Home Care have had positive experiences using helpful technologies to keep their clients going with the flow. Here are our top 7 technologies to help people with dementia Medication management is an issue for people who have memory loss. […]
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An Alternative to Nursing Homes

An Alternative to Nursing Homes Nursing homes can be a saving grace, or they can be the cause of worry and concern. Neglect, accidental death, mismanagement, substandard care—these issues reflect the worst of what nursing homes have to offer. An entire segment of the legal profession is focused on prosecuting wrongful deaths in nursing homes. In short, many families would feel more comfortable keeping their loved one at home. If only it were possible… Safe and Comfortable at Home Alternatives to nursing homes are available to families in Leawood, Overland Park and Kansas City. When considering the true costs of care, many families are surprised to find that it’s financially viable to keep their loved one in his or her home, even as the care […]
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Medication Management in Overland Park, KS

Medication Management in Overland Park, KS Looming large among issues facing seniors with memory loss is medication management. The opioid epidemic has affected the elderly community in a serious way. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has reported that between 2010 and 2015, elderly emergency room visits relating to opioid over-use have jumped 74%. Kansas City Home Care has solutions for families in Overland Park, Johnson County and Kansas City whose loved ones are struggling to take the right amount of medications at the right time. Care When You Need It Edward (whose name has been changed) is an example of an active 78-year-old diagnosed with memory loss related to Parkinson’s Disease. Edward enjoys playing golf with his wife, eating fine food, swimming with […]
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Benefits of In-Home Care in Leawood, KS

Benefits of In-Home Care in Leawood, KS Aging at Home Is an Alternative to Nursing Homes Home. It’s where we have some of the best memories of our lives. Birds come to the feeder outside the window in spring time. School photos hang in the stairwell. The maple in the front yard turns bright red in fall. It can be a place to stay for the long term. In fact, seniors requiring extra support or memory care, who remain in their homes, can live healthier, more independent lives. Whereas a physical move for an elderly person, particularly one with memory care needs, can be disorienting and deeply upsetting, home is filled with years of memories. Everything is familiar—the bathrooms, the kitchen, the doorways, the photographs. […]
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Help Is Here: Home Care for Memory Loss

Help Is Here: Home Care for Memory Loss While there is no recipe for knowing exactly when the time is right to add in-home care to help a loved one, some indicators can serve as strong signals. Memory loss caused by dementia and Alzheimer’s can have an unpredictable progression. Planning for eventualities will insure that putting elder care into place is more fluid.  When the Burden of Care Becomes Too Great Nobody said it would be easy to care for a loved one with dementia. In fact, it’s often said among families who have a senior at home with memory loss that it’s hard– and it just gets harder as the disease progresses. Caregivers experience more stress than other family members, and may be struggling […]
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