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When Hygiene is an Issue: Helping Your Aging Parent Stay Clean

The last time you dropped by your mom’s house in Kansas City, did you notice an unpleasant odor? And finally realize it was coming from her? Unfortunately, elderly people don’t always bathe as often as they should. There are a number of reasons why. For example, changing clothes can be difficult. Or there could be a fear of falling in the tub. Or they may just not remember they didn’t do it. Here are some things you can do to help if your mom (or dad) has stopped bathing. Open a dialogue. Your mom might not realize she has body odor if you don’t tell her. Or she may need help getting in and out of the shower and be embarrassed to ask. If she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s or dementia, see if […]
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September is Healthy Aging Month!

Think it’s too late to “re-invent” yourself? Think again. According to Carolyn Worthington, editor-in-chief of Healthy Aging Magazine and executive director of Healthy Aging, it’s never too late to find a new career, a new sport, passion or hobby. Worthington is the creator of September is Healthy Aging Month, an annual observance designed to focus national attention on the positive aspects of growing older. Now in its second decade, Worthington says September is Healthy Aging Month provides inspiration and practical ideas for adults, ages 50-plus, to improve their physical, mental, social and financial well being. Why Healthy Aging? Worthington saw a need to draw attention to the myths of aging, to let people know that it’s not too late to take control of your health […]
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Join Kansas City Home Care, Inc. and help the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease.

Be a part of the solution and participate with us in World Alzheimer’s Awareness month in September. The Alzheimer’s Association has organized a group outing for the September 6th Kansas City Royals game. Click on the following link to find out how you can help. Come cheer on our Kansas City Royals while supporting a great cause! ALZ-KCROYALS
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Can hiring non-agency caregivers put Alzheimer’s patients at risk?

The story below is about Mary (name has been changed) who was told by a neighbor she needed someone to help her at home. Mary had some diminished capacity and hired the “friend” that the neighbor suggested.  Unfortunately, the circumstances’ surrounding this case are not unusual and demonstrates the necessity of hiring a home care company that provides care management, bonded, insured and supervised caregivers. Mary’s primary care physician became concerned for her well-being after an appointment in July of 2012.  Mary’s privately-hired caregiver exhibited controlling behavior over Mary during the appointment.  The physician expressed his concerns to Mary’s Trust Administrator, and after a brief investigation the Administrator realized that the caregiver was financially and emotionally taking advantage of Mary.  Acting quickly the Administrator contacted […]
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Physical Therapy is a Boon to Seniors

Would you believe in a nondrug treatment that works for arthritis, cancer pain, Parkinson’s, and incontinence and improves your strength and endurance? There is one treatment that does it all–physical therapy! WebMd Feature When a person gets injured or has a prolonged illness, doctors often recommend physical therapy. In the case of older people, though, sometimes this is seen as just something to “try.” This could not be further from the truth. Physical therapy is “A-quality” therapy for many conditions affecting older people, from Alzheimer’s to urinary incontinence. In fact, one researcher did a study in which you had to be 100 years of age to even participate! According to Jennifer M. Bottomley, PhD, MS, PT, president of the geriatrics section of the American Physical […]
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What to do after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Overland Park, Kansas – You just learned your parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  At first you might be relieved to get an answer as to why he or she is so confused, and then the reality of the disease hits you.  How is the disease going to progress? What should I expect?  How will I take care of my parent?  Can he or she remain at home with in-home care, do I need a geriatric care manager to help me and the rest of the family with short term and long term planning or do I need to think about moving my parent to an assisted living or nursing home?  Do I need an elder law attorney to discuss legal issues? Questions and […]
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Science Finding Alzheimers Hard to Treat in Kansas City

Science Finding Alzheimer’s Hard to Treat; Best Strategy May Be Prevention Institute on Aging clinical trial seeks volunteers to help find the disease at very beginning in senior citizens Finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, or an effective treatment, has been difficult for the world’s best researchers. There is substantial progress in finding ways to delay or prevent the disease by identifying AD risk factors and developing targeted treatments, according to a special issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. To continue reading Click Here. For more assistance with an aging loved one in the Kansas City area visit our website at www.kchomecare.com.
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New Program Makes it Easy to Find and Participate in a Local Alzheimer’s Clinical Research Study in Kansas City and St. Louis

A brand new program offering resources for local Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers, has just become available in the Kansas City and St Louis area. The CARE-PAC program (Community Alzheimer’s Research Exchange for Patients and Caregivers) is a set of services provided by local eldercare professionals that assist families challenged in an Alzheimer’s caregiving situation.
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